A unique leadership training for startup and scale-up entrepreneurs

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Grow with your company as a leader

As a startup and scale-up leader you will be confronted with so many challenging situations that they can drive you crazy at times. A ton of decisions have to be made and you need to keep your team aligned in a high-risk environment that changes very  fast. 

The decisions you are make on a daily basis are just like playing Twister. Before you even know it you are tied up in knots. Since you are exploring, experimenting and innovating with your venture you take on so many risks. You often don’t have all the information you would like to have and so you are make decisions as a leader based on your gut.  

How can you deal with that in the right way to ensure your leadership skills deliver the impact you are looking for?

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The business plan for the entrepreneur behind the business

Four reasons to upgrade your leadership skills

Grow your impact 

Actionable feedback on your leadership skills
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Prioritise your tasks better

Find your true impact to the business in the different stages 
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Strategic alignment

Align yourself and your team with the vision, objectives & key results of your company
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Ensure continuity

Adapt to a fast changing environment

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The Executive's Trinity for Entrepreneurs (ETE)

“Management matters, and it always will. So does leadership. So does something else which nobody in the business schools seems to have noticed. In the military, it is called ‘command’. In business, we might call it ‘directing’. Being part of the group running a business organisation requires mastering three sets of skills: The Executive’s Trinity.”

– Stephen Bungay

“The ETE will share the learnings of scaling a technology company from a founder entrepreneur point of view. Leadership development is the most underestimated aspect of growing a company.  I wanted to develop the training to support founders in their journey. I found the Executive's Trinity the most transformative frame concept to work with, used by global operating companies and agile teams, now available for founders”

– Gerrit Brouwer

Specifically tailored for startup & scale up leaders developed by industry experts

Stephen Bungay 
Stephen Bungay teaches managers about strategy, leadership and consults a wide range of organisations including some of the world’s leading companies.Stephen is a Director of the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre with over three decades of consulting experience, including 17 years at The Boston Consulting Group. He is the author of the bestselling book The Art of Action.
Mathis Christian

Mathis is working in the consultant collective craftagile as Consultant & Coach and Interim Executive with Senior Executives including over 10 years of agile consulting experience. In his work he co-creates strategy and target systems to execute strategic goals while using agile frameworks or OKRs to guide people to success.

Mathis is a certified The Executive´s Trinity Trainer 

Gerrit Brouwer
Gerrit is a tech entrepreneur and author of the book When the rope snaps. He has over 20 years of experience in HR, technology and startups and has worked at various organisations in financial, strategic and commercial positions. He is the former co-founder and CEO of Appical.

Gerrit is a certified The Executive's Trinity trainer for startup & scale-up leaders

An essential reflection based on a transformative training  

Guidance by three dimensions


Directing is the intellectual element that shapes the company's direction and focus. A director is responsible for the strategy, identifies the goals, and describes the ways in which the goals can be achieved


As a leader, you must make sure that employees are motivated to achieve their goals. This is the moral element, the medium-term perspective, and your style must be appropriate for the modern environment.


The role of the manager encompasses the daily business of enabling people to realise the strategy. Managing involves organising and planning strategy implementation and operations across companies, departments, and teams.

5 steps to improve your leadership skills

The Executive's Trinity for Entrepreneurs

The ETE training will be an essential reflection for the founder entrepreneur. In a day-and-a-half-long program, a class of maximum of 5-10 entrepreneurs will take on the Executive Trinity for Entrepreneurs to determine their personal impact to the business. Basically being your quarterly plan for your company and your personal dashboard to help them navigate better through their fast changing environment.

The program helps you to gain a better understanding of your leadership add to the business, discuss and address the uncertainties and create a plan on how to increase your impact by reorganising your daily life and building small routines.

The strategic intent will be defined in such a way that it connects to the business objectives, your personal mission and the focus of collaboration with the team: developing and growing, setting the right example, being open for idea’s & feedback, listening and active involvement.

Translating strategy into action

Determine your actual state: your impact to your business "as-is"
Assess & (re)develop your strategic intent

Understanding the different phases in the entrepreneurial journey

Addressing the tasks & responsibilities as a leader in the phases that are upcoming

Create your personal dashboard for ongoing evaluation and improvement

Transform your leadership capabilities

Training overview

The training consists of three sessions of three hours and consist of a group of 5-10 founder entrepreneurs maximum. 

  • - 2 online training sessions on Friday morning from 9 am to 12 am 
  • - 1 quarterly evaluation session to reflect on the past quarter
  • - Including the books 'The Art of Action' & 'When the rope snaps'
  • - Access to the masterclass 'scaling & leadership
  • - Access to the Executive's Trinity Foundation Course
  • - Program will be blended (1 offline evaluation session)