When the rope snaps

The book for every startup or scale-up founder

Understand your personas better

During your journey you and your key stakeholders will be confronted with tons of challenges such as: slow growth, unhappy customers, co-founder and/or investor conflicts, key employees leaving the company, disengagement and above all high stress levels.

Overcoming those challenges will make you a stronger entrepreneur. But does it make you a better human being in the long run, are you still aligned with your authentic self

The book uncovers all the crazy personas that you can 'meet' during your journey. You will learn so many new things in every phase that it is nearly unlikely you won't change as a business leader. You will change.

Expect the unexpected

Doing business for your own account is a different 'ball game'. Already right from the start you will have to make hundreds decisions on a weekly basis. Your job consists of over 26 different roles including taking out the garbage of your office.

As entrepreneur you will be entering a community of 'rare species', who follow a different path than the mainstream. You have to move fast and break things, but if the pit in your stomach says, “Maybe don’t do that” — slow that decision down. The biggest mistakes have been where I quickly said, “Let's do it,” but my gut wasn’t sure the downside risk was worth it. All these decisions more or less compound, impacting your 'Sword of Damocles'.

The book coaches you be aware of your warning signs that will show up. It's better to listen to your gut.

Delivering impact

Starting your business is all about finding that 'perfect' timing for your jump. You want to find traction, acquire happy customers, recruit an engaged team of heroes who follow your vision.

You will be thinking of it a lot, regardless if you have started already with your company. You will be the person who will be pushing the rock up the hill for sure meaning that all the good things result in having you in the spot light. But when things go south and you are dealing with drama, you are the person standing closest to the shower drain. 

You will identify the crucial checkpoints in your journey and ask yourself the question whether you are still able to deliver impact as a company founder. Or when it's about time to hire a new executive who is way better than you at critical tasks.

Watch King Kong and the Sword of Damocles in action

Inside the tech scene

When the rope snaps is the shameless story of a tech entrepreneur who, in the prime of his life, loses control over his life, his business, his family and ultimately himself through wrong choices. Raw, moving and personal. The author leaves no stone unturned. This book is about the vulnerable side of entrepreneurship in tech.

What would you have done?

ISBN/EAN: 978-94-6443-640-2
NUR 350 - Fiction > Entrepreneurship
August 2022

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